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Sullivan Construction Cary

Sullivan Construction Cary is a fully licensed, insured, and bondable commercial general contractor. With this traditional delivery method, Sullivan Construction Cary usually joins the project team at the conclusion of the design phase. General contracting services typically provide owners with a traditional design-bid-build approach for their construction projects. Sullivan Construction Cary can also perform general contracting assignments on either a negotiated contract or bid basis.

General contracting is best for straightforward projects that have minimal changes or projects with strict policies requiring lump sum bids. We have established relationships with trade contractors founded on trust and experience and extensive market knowledge which enable us to be extremely competitive while providing unsurpassed quality.

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We are Here from Start to Finish

Sullivan Construction Cary as consultant to the owner in the development and design phases, but serves the role of general contractor during the construction phase. Working with the architect and engineers, our role is to bring value to the project by achieving optimum cost, schedule and product quality. We provide construction-management services either as an agent for the owner, whereby the client holds all the trade contracts, or on an at-risk basis, whereby Sullivan Construction Cary holds all the trade contracts and is responsible for guaranteeing performance.

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Working as Your Construction Manager

As your Construction Manager, we realize the success of your project relies on our ability to create, manage and reconcile the massive amount of information and data it will take to build your project.

Sullivan Construction Cary state-of-the-art Information Management Systems serve as a comprehensive method of monitoring the project data and provides you with transparent, up-to-date information and job status reports. Quality control permeates the entire building process beginning in the early pre-construction planning phases to ensure there is a clear understanding of the design and workmanship expected.