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Custom Fireplaces

Custom Fireplaces

A custom masonry fireplace allows for complete size, style and material customization. The structure of a custom fireplace is frequently built using concrete block and mortar, the firebox is lined with fire brick. The outside of the fireplace can then be finished with stucco, stone or brick veneer, decorative concrete, or tile. The construction of a custom fireplace requires a great deal of knowledge and experience, Sullivan Construction can help!

custom concrete raleigh


Custom Driveways

Enhance Your Property With A Stunning New Driveway from Sullivan Construction. Many people consider their driveway to simply be the place where they park their car. They often overlook the fact that the driveway is one of the most prominent and immediately noticeable things about most homes. Also, a new driveway can raise the property value of your home significantly.

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Deck and Patio

Patio Hardscapes

There are two main components in landscape design. These two parts are Softscape and Hardscape. Hardscape consists of adding on to the exterior parts of your home by constructing hard surfaces such as retaining walls, walkways, and other various block or wooden structures. Softscape includes the soft materials that are used to add color to your yard. These elements include but are not limited to sod, plants, and trees. Sullivan Construction will work with you to blend these two components to capture your idea of your dream backyard escape.

stamped concrete raleigh

Stamped Concrete Design

Stamped Concrete and Design

Stamped concrete is concrete that is patterned and/or textured or embossed to resemble brick, slate, flagstone,stone, tile, wood, and various other patterns and textures. Stamped concrete is commonly used for patios,sidewalks, driveways, pool decks, and interior flooring. The ability of stamped concrete to resemble other building materials makes stamped concrete a less expensive alternative to using those other authentic materials such as stone, slate or brick.

There are three procedures used in stamped concrete which separate it from other concrete procedures; the addition of a base color, the addition of an accent color, and stamping a pattern into the concrete. These three procedures provide stamped concrete with a color and shape similar to the natural building material. It also is longer lasting than paved stone, and still resembles the look.