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Residential Roofing Contractors

Roofing is one of the most important parts of your home’s exterior. . As a trusted local contractor, we treat our customers like family. We use GAF Roofing Systems but we have experience with most other types of roofing systems. Your roof should enhance curb appeal as well as cut energy costs. As roofs age, they not only look bad but become inefficient. After years of wear and tear your roof could be costing you money in high energy costs by letting hot and cold air escape depending on the Season. Our roofing experts will walk you through all of your available options to ensure you are getting a look that you will love while at the same time be energy efficient. roofing emerald isle nc, raleigh roofing, cary roofing

Do I Need a New Roof?

There are several signs to tell if you need to replace your roof. The typical roof lasts around 20 years, although some may last up to 25. If your roof is older than that, you may want to find a local roofing company to come inspect it for wear and tear. If you notice that your shingles are curling, buckling or missing, your roof may need replacing. Look at your roof at the slope in direct sunlight. If shingles are missing granules (indicated by dark patches)  or seem to be curled, contact Sullivan Construction today. We offer roofs that come with warranties on both materials and labor.

Using Quality Shingles

One of the most important factors in a long lasting roof is choosing quality shingles and having them professionally installed. If you want your new roof to last you need to use quality materials and have them installed by a certified professional like Sullivan Construction.


Sullivan Construction Customer Pledge

We only use top quality products and professional installers. You can rest easy knowing you've made the best choice for your roofing installation. Our reputation speaks for itself. 40 years in business, we strive to maintain excellence. Contact us today to learn more about GAF roofing systems and other types of roofing systems we install. You can reach us by phone or by using the contact form. We are here to serve you.

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